Gear Out

Gear Out. A new VR Game for Quest

For Meta Quest Headsets (1, 2 and Pro)

Explore the caves, find the gears and solve the puzzle to escape to the next level. Watch out though, you’re not always alone in the caverns.

Gear Out is a tense and immersive interactive puzzle game set underground. You must search for gears, interact with obstacles and arrange the gears on spindles to open the door to the next level. But beware, you’re not always in there alone. There are 13 levels of increasing difficulty. Some have time limits, some have additional challenges. Each level can be randomized to produce up to 9,999 variants of the puzzle for extended play time. Playable from seated, standing or room scale environments. Also playable with either one or both controllers.

Gear Out Trailer

A sneak peak: Making of the hammer.

Running through the Tutorial

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