Gear Out

Gear Out is an escape room style maze and puzzle game in VR

Game Play

Gear Out is a tense and immersive interactive puzzle game set underground.
But beware, you’re not always in there alone.
Search for gears, interact with objects and arrange the gears on spindles to open the door to the next level.


There are currently 13 different environments (more coming) of increasing complexity. Some are simple rooms with a puzzle to solve. Some are more complex mazes.
Some allow you all the time you need to solve the puzzles, but others are against the clock.


Running through the tutorial of Gear Out. Moving, teleporting, picking up objects directly and from a distance. Placing gears on the spindles directly and from a distance. Gear Out can be played standing, sitting and with one or two controllers.
The mummies in the cave boss level of Gear Out have a mission. They each guard a single gear. Even if you place their gear on the spindles, they will come and take it back. So timing is key. Oh, and you can knock out the mummies for a while with many head punches or a few good blows with the hammer!

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